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Active Talks Are...

Having a conversation & MOving AS we talk

We believe you are a unique person who has realized they need to talk with someone who will listen and wants to work with them.  We are caring people who want to listen to your story and collaborate with you on finding your next steps and the clarity you are looking for.

Looking at your life as a story and finding Your next chapter. 

Everything that has led us to now is supposed to teach us about tomorrow.  We will look at your journey and the steps that led you to here through a narrative approach, find the lessons learned, and then chart out where you want to go next

The Research Says...


Studies shows exercise is good for the body and mind and helps with many psychological issues, including depression.  Therapy is also proven to work and is aided by being outdoors, especially with teens and adolescents with depression.

We believe outdoor talk therapy and exercise together will help you activate your endorphins and unlock the most creative ways to make your best life decisions. We also trust that by soliciting your feedback and working collaboratively with you each step of the way, you will help you get your best results.

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